Our Mission

Mamabu.org is a non-profit organization built and founded by a group of Chinese mothers in San Diego. Most of us started our family and had our first baby recently. Pregnancy is definitely the most amazing experience in our lives. However, as new Chinese immigrants to this country, we experienced our pregnancy without family support and easily found ourselves alone and overwhelmed. Through our experience we hope to create a community for mothers to share their emotions, anxiety and exchange information, so that their pregnancy experience is improved with peer support and better confidence.

We aim to serve mothers in the Chinese speaking community in the U.S. We help mothers with similar cultural background to connect in their local city. Mamabu offers a community to provide both mental and material support to mothers in need. Our mission is to empower immigrant mothers in the Chinese community to raise their children with confidence in the United States without losing their cultural roots, and to become a better self during this journey.

There are several meanings for the term “mamabu”. It’s composed of two words: “mama” and “bu”. “Mama” means “mother” in Mandarin as in many other languages. “Bu” means “nursing”,”nurturing” and “raising up children” in Mandarin. “Bu” is also one of the first mumbling words that a baby makes when he/she learns to talk. This name also signifies that this is a community built by mothers and for mothers.

  • Local Mom’s Group on WeChat

To help mothers easily connect with one another in their local cities, we build WeChat groups for mothers with children of similar ages in the city they reside in. The groups are also publicized through QR code on our join community page. This way mothers in each local area can easily self-identify their belonging groups and join the WeChat group via scanning the QR code.

We organize talks, lunch meetups and online discussions to help professional and working moms share learning and insights in career development. The goal of these events is to encourage moms to step out of their comfort zone and proactively find ways to improve work life balance. We also organize leisure and recreation events to enrich professional and fulltime moms’ life.

  • Knowledge Base on Postpartum Care and Newborn Care

There are many unique ways to take care of postpartum women and newborn babies in the Chinese culture. Some are good health preserving practices drawn from theories in Chinese medicine, while some might be in lack of scientific bases. We hope to build a knowledge base that collects good practices to help Chinese mothers recover from labor and take care of their newborns.  Also, there is much difference in how medical systems work in the US and in other countries. Our knowledge base offers guidance to new immigrant mothers during and after pregnancy, for example, how many prenatal checkups there are and what to expect in each of the checkups.

  • Knowledge Sharing on Next-Generation Education

Quality education for our next generation is one of the highest priorities for every single Chinese immigrant family. Together we seek ways to best educate our children and encourage them to become confident individuals who can make positive impact to our society.

  • Accept Baby Item Donations

We accept baby item donations including new and gently worn baby clothes, gently used toys and books, unexpired car seat, stroller and any other items that babies might need. We collect these items and give them to mothers in need. We also welcome volunteers to join us and provide support to mothers in their local areas, such as visiting postpartum women, teaching new mothers on baby caring, organizing baby shower to mothers who recently moved to a new city, etc.