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Time: 2015/10/16, 12pm-1:30pm


– Survival tips as a female in the male dominated tech industry.

– Reflection on 20 years as a career woman;

– Insights to pass on;


Figure out your priorities in life:

和自己的关系/Relationship with yourself
Accept who you are;
Love what you do; enjoy the moment, not what you can get from it.
Know what you want; live the life you want; Do what you like, not what your parents/husband/boss wants you to do;
Build a healthy body/figure; spend time/money on yourself and enjoy life;
If you are not happy with where you are right now, find ways to change it.

与爱人的关系/Relationship with your significant other
Mutual appreciation, respect, support and admiration.
Spending time with each other in the morning & in the evening.
Should not sacrifice the love relationship with your significant other for money/kids/career/others.

与孩子的关系/Relationship with kids
Spending quality time with your kids is more important than doing things for him/her, or buying things for him/her.
Say “I love you” to them. Make them feel secure.
Let them become independent early on and learn to care for themselves.

与父母的关系/Relationship with parents
Love your parents when you still can;
Buy stuff for them that they enjoy but might not ask for.

与朋友的关系/Relationship with friends
Friends can support you through challenging times;
Nourish the friendship you have with friends.

与同事的关系/Relationship with coworkers
Show that you care. Show compassion.

Takeaway Message:

Q& A:

Let people know what you are working on;
Regular status update to your boss/people involved in project;
Don’t just complain, show that you are proactively solving problems.

Find ways (friends/hobby) to release the negative emotion;
Bring it up in reviews;
Switch to a new team;

Execution capability;
Customer knowledge;
Integrity; Always tell the truth; Never make up anything;
Sincerity; Show compassion; Authenticity;
Sometimes you need to be proactive: ask for it.

问题4:How to communicate with engineers who might be ten times more technical than you?
Push yourself to learn
Do not afraid to ask questions; Ask questions that are relevant.
Be alert/always pay attention.

问题5:How to write good emails?
Start with short executive summary
Back up with evidence in bullet points

Make sure it’s truly important;
Make sure it’s the right person to talk to;
Phone call to track them down;
Make it easy for the person to take action, especially if they are busy/senior
Follow up with meetings if needed.

问题7:如何领导别人/How to lead?
Build relationship; Show you care; Show your compassion;
Give credit to people in your team; appraise their work;

问题8:Tips for female in 90% male environment
Junior level: not as bad; Senior level: significant gender gap;
Perceived weakness:not technical enough; too emotional; too aggressive; some are unconscious bias.
Speak out more; present more; ask questions more; get involved more. Practice as much as possible.

Ask yourself, do you love what you do?
Money is good, but you should not work just for the money.
Care about people around you and enjoy the process.

Say no; Try to present your own stuff;Tell him that what you have done and why you should present.
Don’t be emotional; words can be strong but keep a calm tone.
Yoga might help manage emotion

Explain pros & cons;
Rushing and saving little time might cause much more significant negative results down the road.

Community college $100 writing class;
Effective communication skills means the ability to talk, and to write.

问题12:How to build relationship with coworkers?
Hang out more with coworkers (e.g., take team out to lunch; organize baby shower for team members);
Sometimes small talk /chitchat before meetings helps too. Talk about things that you have in common (kids, etc.).

问题13:为什么中国职场女性常被评价为aggressive? 是因为言语应用不恰当还是事实的确如此?
Might have something to do with the way we communicate (too straightforward; missing words that soften the tone; etc).
Sometimes it’s unconscious bias. Men are perceived as assertive while women are perceived as aggressive by saying the same thing.
Being aggressive might not necessarily be a bad thing.

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