The Movie




Camera rolling and action…


– Crew meet up for the first time in UCSD, including: Actor/actress, director, lead and support camera man, post production.


– Confirmed with one lead camera woman.

– Confirmed with one more post-production resource.


– Confirmed with two support camera man.


Reached out to UCSD Visual Arts department to recruit some volunteers for the film project. With Terezu’s help, we got in touch with a few student talents in Theater & Dance.


Lunch with local film making talents. To discuss on:

– Experience available and additional experience needed;

– Equipment available;

– Game plan;



Talked with a few people and received some ideas:

  • Might want to expand the theme to cover many types of conflicts within an American family, across culture, across generation, even across religion. A lot of people might be able to relate to easily.
  • Might be a good idea to start with a documentary, interviewing couples/families, talking about their distinctive perspectives, because of the culture/background they are from.
  • Will utilize Robyn’s art night to get more people’s input
  • Will talk to Ann about her own experience in raising her children in a multi-cultural family;
  • Will look for opportunities for grant application to make a longer film (30min), and potentially submit to local short film festivals.
  • Will look to involve film school students in UCSD for acting resources.



Team kick off meetings. Finalize a few things on:
Before the 77 hours starts, here are the things we could do:

*   Register for the event.
*   Organizing Crew – in progress…
*   Organizing Cast – in progress…
*   Securing Equipment – in progress
*   Scouting/Securing Locations
*   Public collaboration space

Within the 77 hours, here are the things that need to happen:

*   Writing the script – for a 7 minute video/film, that’s about 900-1000 words.
*   Storyboard
*   Rehearsing
*   Costume/Set Design
*   Shooting
*   Editing
*   Sound Design
*   Rendering
*   Outputting to tape or other media


We have main characters and key theme for the movie. The movie tries to portray the excitement, anxiety and other mixed feelings a woman experiences during the first month after labor while coping with two different culture.

– Wife who recently had a new baby.

– Husband

– Wife’s parents visiting from China and staying with the couple for a month to help with the baby

– Husband’ mom visiting from out of town to see the baby

– a Dog

Get Ready for a Global Challenge!
The weekend? November 13 – 16, 2015

The challenge? To make a film in a single weekend!

Filmmakers from all over the world will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 3 days. The 4PFP follows the same basic idea of the 48HFP – to write, produce, and edit a short film in just a weekend using an assigned genre and element set. However the 4PFP is completely online – genres & elements are announced via email and all films are submitted online before the local deadline.