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Time Management

@Mr. George Chu

@Mr. George Chu


Time: 2016/4/22, 12pm-1:30pm


– Factors that affect the way we spend our time

– How to improve efficiency

– Q&A


朱正中:美国化学和工商管理双硕士,美國芝加哥 Lake Forest 大學 EMBA,前中国可口可乐副总裁兼总经理,曾任上市公司董事、香港友信行總裁及 MPI 廣告公司集團首席營運總裁、美國諮詢公司 Thomas Group 的中國區總經理、 上海永樂家電公司,恆安國際,蒙牛乳業的獨立董事。中美食品协会会长、美国华人创业协会的主席。在上海期间,曾两度获上海市市长白玉兰奖。早在1989年,朱老师的名字被载入了美国主管人士名人录。是锐成企业管理公司创始人,现任国际华人企业家协会董事长。

朱老师在工业型及迅速发展的消费品行业中已有30多 年的实际操作经验,所涉及的工作包括战略性规划、生产、销售、市场营销、采购供應鏈等方面。為中國多家民營、國營、外企訂定策略、組織與培訓。以美國及中國的豐富工作經驗,最早把許多先進的國外管理觀念藉演講及培訓引進到國內,協助許多中國大中型企業的管理和重整。同时,朱老师对在中国经营的管理、革新和转换也颇有经验。曾为多家知名的企业进行过许多管理方面的专题研讨会,公开课程及公司内部培训。企业包括可口可乐公司、阿里巴巴,西門子,斯奈德,花王,安利,IBM雀巢公司、施乐公司、力邦漆公司、福特汽车公司及强生公司等。



  1. Ask yourself a few questions:
  • Do you feel constantly not having enough time?
  • If you have more time, where or what would you spend your extra time?
  • What is the biggest barrier to improve your time management?
  • When you don’t have enough time, what would you decide to sacrifice?
  1. Time management is not about managing time at all. It’s about managing factors that can affect the way you spend your time.
  • People relationship

It is extremely important. It takes time to cultivate the relationship that you will need at critical times. If you don’t spend time nurturing good people relationship, it’ll end up costing you more time.

  • The right attitude towards time

Understand that time is so precious that once gone it’ll never come back. It’s the most precious thing that you could ever possess.

  • Build consensus with your family members
    • If you need to work extra hours for 3 months to complete a project, you need to build consensus with your family members (partners/children): What I’ll need from you for the 3 months and what I offer after the 3 months are over. Build that consensus with your family members can help you achieve your goal without driving everyone crazy.
    • Run family meetings and involve your children. Let them know what’s going on with the family and communicate to them as if they were adults. This allows them to participate and give inputs and train them to behave that way when they grow up.
    • Make them part of the consensus process. It makes them feel involved and committed. In order for people to commit to do something, you need to make them feel like they are part of the decision making process. This applies to people management too.
  • Self-discipline
    • Highly successful people are usually highly self-disciplined.
    • Sunday evenings are usually reserved to quiet down and get ready for important meetings on Monday.
  • Clear goal
    • Clearly define your goal in everything you do. What’s your purpose?
    • Depending on whether your goal is to build relationship, to learn more about your client, or to make a deal, you would need to come up with completely different strategies and ways of doing things.
  • Your capability/efficiency
    • Learn to be organized.
    • Tips on how to take notes during meetings: one column for details/notes; one column for action items.


  • Your body and health condition.
    • Learn how to work with your energy level, not against it.
    • 70% of people are morning person. If you are not one of them, people might perceive you as sloppy/not efficient.
    • Exercise in the morning is a good idea to make you feel cheerful and ready to fight. It gives you enough energy throughout the day.
  1. Differentiate between high-payoff jobs vs. low-payoff jobs
  • As a manager, don’t get too deep. Don’t micromanage.
  • Learn how to delegate. Focus on strategic work.
  1. Improve efficiency: BEDS
  • Establish Boundaries
    • Clearly define who does what.
    • For what purpose and why.
    • Define role and process before doing anything.
  • Manage Expectations
    • Build high level confidence and gracefully accept challenges. Learn how to fight back and prove yourself in a peaceful, graceful and humorous manner.
    • Language is the worst excuse. You can do things to improve it.
    • Believe in yourself. Learn how to manage other people and your own expectation of yourself.
  • Delegate appropriately
    • Getting too deep results in self-satisfaction, and illusion of job security as you are busy all the time.
  • Encourage mutually Serving
    • Engineers might feel it’s a sign of incapability to ask for help. In reality, as a manager, asking for help from engineers can make them feel empowered and motivate them to do better job.
  1. Presentation skills is way more important than Technical skills
  • Don’t hold on to technical skills as it’ll get old.

6.How to break through from technical to business

  • Go on customer visits with sales people.
  • Initiate new ideas.
  • Use every opportunity to expand your area and create opportunities
  • Observe/summarize/push ideas/add value.
  • Push yourself, because no one else will.

7.Final message

  • Spend time on things that are important to you.
  • Important but not urgent things are usually the things we neglect. Don’t procrastinate on things that are important but not urgent, such as exercise to keep a healthy body, cultivating people relationship, and etc.

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